Which devices can I download the mobile application to?

The App is compatible with most smartphone and tablet devices running Android 2.2+ and Windows Phone 7+. For specifics on which models are supported, please see each of the app stores.

Installing the mobile app on an Android device

There are several ways you can choose from to install app on your mobile device:

• From the home page

Launch the browser on your mobile device and go to workinfield.com. Click on the "Google Play" or "Windows Phone" badge you will find on the page.

• Installing through the Android Market

On your mobile device go to Google Play store and search for the app or click on this app link.

• Installing through Windows Phone Store

On your mobile device go to Windows Phone Store store and search for the app or click on this app link.

• Confirmation Email

On your mobile device go to your Email application and open the email with subject "Confirm your account" that we have sent you. In the bottom of the email click the "Google Play" or "Windows Phone" badge.

android app windows phone app

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